Swansong for a RAven (erzabetbathory) wrote,
Swansong for a RAven

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I can't help but feel a void in my life
I feel so hallowed out
that I can't comprehend my existance
and my throughts are slowly growing more irrational each day
I can't think
I don't want to speak
Tears dwell but are never released
I don't understand this feeling
but strangely it hurts
I don't know what to do with myself
and everything I wanted is slowly leaving me
and my life is spiraling out of control
and I don't know hwat I did to begin this
I don't know much anymore I suppose
and it's funny because people can hurt me
and never give a shit
fuck family
fuck friends
fuck people
fuck relationships
fuck thoughts
fuck my stupidity
for this something good and possitive could actually happen in my life
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